Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kids and school

This week the kids started school.  I have one in each school building now, as usual my life with kids will be keeping me hopping.  My youngest is in 2nd grade.  She is always the most excited about school.  Our social butterfly, she got a teacher that she didn't know with a lot of different kids than last year, and rather than being disappointed about it she looks at it as an opportunity to make new friends.  Her optimism is contagious to say the least.  My son is a sophomore, don't ask how that happened because I don't have an answer.  The other morning I heard the words "Don't touch my hair".  It made me laugh and cringe at the same time.  He is a good, smart boy and kind.   Doesn't care for school much, but takes art and Spanish to keep his mama happy, never a bad thing.  Olivia is in fifth grade which has meant a change in schools.  I recently met with the school to amend her IEP to have half days, after consulting with our counselor and a few solid teachers that worked with her we knew this to be the best thing.  The school quickly agreed, to my great pleasure and relief.  They very helpfully arranged her core classes and early dismissal at 11:30.  We are in process of making a home schedule that will include silent reading, home and life skills and establishing a good work ethic using my art business.  Thing are still a bit hectic and unknown, but I am hopeful we will be falling into a good routine shortly.

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