Thursday, October 25, 2012


Awhile back a picked up these pieces at a garage sale of a lady who owns an antique store and barns full of things.  I got these very cheap of course because they both needed work.
 The ottoman I used for awhile as is by just taking off the green fabric, underneath was some tolerable print until I could find something else.  I recently painted the legs and added what I thought to be a very fun fabric in an orange, which is one of the colors I am obsessed with right now.
The other piece is from an old vanity, you know the kind that have three panels with mirror and the sides are raised for drawers, thus the uneven bottom.  So this took a bit more thought to it.  Here is what I did.  I always loved the folding mirrors that sat on dresser tops but antique ones were so expensive.  So I made my own.  I took the side mirror panels off and hinged them together.  They look great on my dresser with the original mirror and curved sides.  The middle section I knew I wanted to make a chalk board out of.  Again this can be an expensive piece considering the size and the antique frame.   I cut the board to size, spray painted it and put it in the great frame.  It is now on the cabinet as you enter the kitchen, I couldn't love it more. 
I so love filling my house with things that have been repurposed, they add so much more character, charm and satisfaction.  I think these were both a job well done.

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Anonymous said...

These look awesome!!! I love that you took things that most people wouldn't look twice at and transformed them into things that are not only very uniquely beautiful but also very usable!!! GREAT JOB!