Monday, November 19, 2012

Manic Monday

So it seems Monday is always chaotic. I play catch from the weekend of having the family home and running in and out. Try to get appts, schedules and everything settled for the rest of the week.
We are also going through some changes around here and trying to adjust to those. Our high school son is homeschooling now and we are in transition with that. Our middle daughter who is autistic settled in nicely with half day of school but now they are wanting to extend the day and we are dealing with those issues. Especially the fact she really doesn't want to. Our youngest is still loving school and her biggest thing right now is getting a tether ball at her home so she can practice. That order is also on the agenda today.
So I have made a slew of phone calls and emails already concerning such life issues and have a few more to go along with the mountain of laundry I started.
I will now wrap up this post with a picture of my new haircut. I went in with hair grazing my shoulder and telling her I would like to grow it and would like it shaped in kind of a long shag. There were words like movement, evening it out, growing and things like that and this is what I walked out with. Granted it is a good haircut and I am getting used to the idea that my partially grown out hair is gone. I am still not understanding what went down. So the mystery between the hairdresser and the client remains. Are we really speaking in a different language when we are telling them what we want? I am not sure we will ever know.


missknits said...

I think its very cute!! kind of a pixie hair cut! gonna be super easy to take care of!! :)

Sara Winterrowd said...

Youre so cute

Sara Winterrowd said...

You're the cutest person ever!