Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Winter Garden

We have had snow and gone sledding. We have had frigid wind, pouring rain and below freezing temps. Yet some things in my garden persevere.
The carrots as you can see are doing well. They don't mind a little winter all tucked away in the ground. When you pick them and eat them fresh they are perfectly chilled.
The kale keeps trying, even growing new leaves when the sun comes out. I am hoping to pick these tender leaves before the deer find them again. As you can see they have sufficiently stripped the leaves.
The roses are all brown and hibernating for the winter but they are still yielding a few rose hips, natures vitamin c to enjoy.
I love to see things still growing, producing and giving of itself even in rough environments. I hope I can continue as sturdy and steady and giving as these carrots and kale.

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