Friday, March 30, 2012

New hand made screen

This is my second screen, room divider, something pretty to hide stuff behind. My husband needed this for his new office to hide the kitchen corner. He is trying to keep his office simple and clean, basically unlike our house. So I thought that this would work. I build these from the ground up, paint the wood, staple on the fabric and then paint a design. He likes it and it really does the trick.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Yippee for Broken Pottery

So I broke up some pottery yesterday. I am trying to get motivated because I have friends doing a show in April that want to show some, I want to have some in the shop I rent in and a local clothing boutique wants some. I can't go any further tho until I get a diamond bit I hope that will do the trick.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

First Broken Pottery Piece

I have planned to make these for ages as so many other projects that I have the materials setting around for. Last year a local Flea Market type place closed after I had been shopping and selling and trading with for over a decade. I had made many purchases in the last weeks and of course stopped in on the last day. I again made some last great purchases and started to say good bye to the owner and share my gratitude for her years of service to the community thru her great store for all things second hand, antique and vintage. I was showing interest in the last of the stacks of china and her knowing I was a local artist turning many of my finds there into recycled art, she gave me all the leftover plates. I left grateful with a stuffed mini van and gave a sad goodbye to one of my favorites places to quietly walk the isles searching for treasures. So now after months of storage the plates again are making a debut to the world in a new form. This is my first piece, I am still refining my technique but am happy with this first result.