Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vintage Feathers

So I like to wear hats, flowers and feathers in my hair. This does not go unnoticed, sometimes more admiringly than other times which means sometimes less but that is ok I wear these things because I like them. So an elderly woman that I know enjoyed the feathers I wear and said she had something for me. I stopped by her home to visit one day and she brought out what looked like a little purple bird nest. It was a headband she wore in the 40s' her husband thought her a little silly but she said it always made her feel special and pretty. I was very grateful that she wanted to share this with me. I brought it home and did the needed repairs and added some vintage buttons to pep it up a bit. Interesting enough the tag was still in the inside and it says West Germany. I have worn it a few times because as you may expect I have to plan the whole outfit around it. I wore it again this Sunday and she was thrilled. So nice that something that is 60 years old is still bringing joy to her and now to the both of us. I wanted to share a picture, it is not great but you can see it is very pretty.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Surprise Commission

This past week I heard from a friend I had lost touch with, she has a friend in need of an art piece quickly. She had tried to contact me on facebook but I didn't see it right away so by the time I contacted her and we finalized the idea with her and the client it was already Tuesday afternoon, she needed it Thursday morning before her flight to where she would give it to her friend. I already had plans that evening so just had a little time to draw out the design on Tuesday and it had to wait until the next day for completion. She gave me the colors and a photo of how to write a name in Hebrew. An idea quickly formed in my brain and the painting just worked. I always have ideas in my head for paintings but it is rare for me to actually get that exact idea on the canvas ( don't tell anyone but I am a much better painter in my head ) anyway this one came together nicely and easily. I am very happy with the results and I have come to find out my friend is too and so is her friend the actual client. So great outcome for all. Thanks friend for thinking of me.