Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another New Year

So again another year has passed hard to believe. The beginning of the year brings birthdays for two of my kids, my oldest will be 16 and my youngest will be 8. That is even harder to believe. So this is the year I actually want to clear out life clutter. I tend to collect, store and pile. While I will never be the ultra modern simple type in anything, I can certainly do better in order to make my life easier and help to clear the mental clutter. I have slowly begun doing a small purge in the girls's room. Today I am starting in our master bath. No before pictures ( just too bad) but tomorrow I hope to post after. Things are always changing in life and thus I need to change with it to keep life good. I need to be able to focus more on my children and my art and creativity and not on the messes around the house. Also as a family we try to put spiritual things foremost. So I think purging out the clutter will clean out more mental space to accomplish these things. Here's to all trying to make a fresh start.
The below photo is looking out my bathroom window. I am fortunate to have such a great space to work with.

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