Friday, January 4, 2013

Two days later....

So I ended up spending two days cleaning our master bath. That makes it really sound bad. :) it wasn't the cleaning that necessarily took so long although I did wash the walls and dust on top of everything and because of our hard water from our well the shower does take a lot of scrubbing. Along with that I also gutted every drawer and cabinet. I really do tend to hang onto things but it felt so good to organize, throw out and donate. I did some redecorating too. Here is a photo of the art wall. I don't know about you but I love art eventually I want to replace the big painting with a watercolor I do. I put candles everywhere and sea shells and see grass. I also replaced the old shower curtain with a vintage table cloth. I tried to just us what i already had. There are few little tweaks I want to do but I am so happy with it now. No extra clutter on the counter and it is so clean.


his little lady said...

Loving the interior decorations!
xo TJ

Deana Diefenbach said...

Thanks, just trying to keep it relaxing.