Monday, August 26, 2013

Watching my garden grow

I love seeing things grow. I had some flowers that did really good this year. 
The colorful sweet peas that smell heavenly were spring seeds. 
The gorgeous mini purple clematis was a fall planting and did better than I ever dreamed. 
My wild perrineal sweet peas did amazing and are still blooming. They are the  pink you see by the hollyhocks and sunflowers at the edge of the deck. I learned something about them this year. They will grow as high as you have them trellised and will continue to bloom all the way up. So the taller they are the longer the blooming time. 
The hollyhocks are along the side of the house with my garden. This is a much more contained year, if you have ever grown them you know they will take over. This photo was taken before a big wind. They have now since been pruned back. I do though love the height.
 Lastly is a beautiful rose that is on a arbor over my front walk. 
All summer I have fought the deer to keep my pretty blooms. The sweet peas and roses seem to be a highlight for them. 
I have been able to squeeze in 2 sessions of plein air painting in my garden. I hope to do quite a few though in September. If I do I will post them here. 

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