Tuesday, August 13, 2013

New post, finally. New furniture.

So I am just going to do it. Begin posting again. No matter how random or brief, just putting it out there. Daily I think I should blog that, so I am going to try to do just that. 
I have been working on tons of furniture redos. Last night I was working on updating a end table that sat in my grandparents living room for many oyears growing up. I gave one to my sister but have not been able to part with the other. I work on being a more reasonable sentimental all the time. A piece of furniture may not always be the most practical thing to keep when you have lovely little trinkets from family that has gone.  I have gotten better but only a little. I will wait until it is a must downsize before I worry about further improvement. 
So any way I have painted and distressed this early American end table. It really needed an updated look. I am finally over keeping them as is at least. I am liking the result. I posted it in Facebook last night and found that this was a very popular table with many saying they had this exact one in their home when they were a kid. So now I like it even more for it has a happy nostalgic vibe for many. I will show a photo in our home later. 
The other piece is a antique game table I picked up at a garage sale for 7.00 it was not standing at the time and missing a few things but I loved the lines and better yet the top twists and opens to make a bigger square game table and has a hidden compartment. (More photos to come). My dad helped repair it to a standing condition again but pieces were still missing and the finish lacking. So after about three years, I decided to paint it. It is looking really special I think. 

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