Tuesday, August 20, 2013

New Studio Addition

I have always wanted a dress form, but they are hard to find and usually more than I wanted to pay. After all these years I finally came across one actually for sale and I had a little cash stuck away that I could buy it. Of course as all bargain hunters I tried to get it lower and we settled somewhere in between. This one has a wood base instead of a iron one which was a little disappointing but it is still nice. She has some character and is definitely vintage and well traveled, originating in Brooklyn, New York. I can't wait to use her as a prop for photos and maybe even fit a few things on her. 
There is though one more twist to the story. The lady was selling a ton of items out of two storage units, most out of my price range. We did however pull out a rug from an old trunk. It was a small rug she had brought home from Morocco. She gave me a price and I countered with a bundle price for both. She accepted and the rest is history. I am very happy with my two purchases and feel like I got a pretty good bargain. Here is a photo of the dress form and I will try to get one of the rug tomorrow. 

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