Thursday, August 29, 2013

September Project - 30 days of painting

So for me this is a pretty grand endeavor.  For the month of September I am going to attempt a painting a day.  I have joined up with a artist on her blog along with over 200 other artists
The kids are starting school on on the 3rd, which leaves a lot of unknowns especially for Olivia as we are not sure how long of a day she can do.  The month starts on Sunday and I won't even be in town.  I am running the Dirty Dash this month, which is a 5k (by the way I did not prepare at all), I am starting to get a little scared.  I also have an all day bible convention towards the end of the month.  Also a number of events in between, including a benefit dinner that I am making a donation for.  In between everything hubby and I are trying to go out of town for a night or two to make up for our Anniversary in July that we were too busy to celebrate.
Needless to say this is good and bad timing.  I am trying not to get stressed because that is not the idea.  I am hoping some of the good will be forced daily painting time.  Painting is a good stress relief from daily life and I tend to get so busy with getting through the day I don't make time to paint.  Also the daily engaging in painting is such great practice to make me a better painter.
So hopefully starting on the 1st you will see a daily painting here from me.  Probably with a little blurb as I tend to be wordy.  I hope you will enjoy.

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