Friday, September 27, 2013

Day 27

Still painting. The 30 in 30 challenge has been fun but not always easy. As of this one I am all caught up. I have been proud though only ever getting one day behind. This month has been crazy busy with a lot of twists but I tried not to let this painting project be a stress. It has helped me to try some new projects I had put off  and also on some days paint fast and furious to try to get something done. Sometimes I really over think so it was nice to push myself realizing I don't really have time to think too much just do. So far two of the paintings have sold. So not bad and that is only from social media as they are not in etsy yet. 

Here is another book page. I really like these. This is on an old worn out book from my kid's school library that would usually get stamped and toss. It is actually Little House on the Prairie it is so fun to paint on the pages of a old worn out book that was read for so many years bringing joy to young readers. I like that I could give these tattered pages new life. 

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