Friday, June 20, 2014

Hibiscus Desk

So after pulling Olivia from school we are slowly transitioning into home school. I decided that it would be good to have a designated work space and  place to keep her stuff together. Her room is very small, it used to be my husbands office and has no closet. At first we always thought the girls would share a room but with Olivia having aspergers and her sister being quite a bit younger we quickly figured out it wasn't going to work. 
So we needed something compact. I stumbled across this style of sewing table recently at a Prarie Sister show (which is awesome by the way). I thought this was brilliant and compact. Surprisingly a few weeks later this popped up on Craig's list. It was in a bit of rough condition but I thought it would be perfect. Olivia wanted it pink which I was going to do but the pink was all dried up. I was ready to paint after doing all the repairs. I really didn't want to buy more paint or take the time to go get it. So we settled on purple. She wasn't super excited and actually I wasn't  either. It is so plain and blocky it really wasn't exciting. Then I remembered a Pinterest post that a etsy friend had sent me and thought brilliant, a big pink flower. So after many hours later and one original painting this is what it looks like. 

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