Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New business desk

I came across this interesting desk on a online yard sale sight. It was the perfect compact size for my art studio. See the theory is, is that if I have a "business" space I will keep better records, keep all my business things in one spot and be better organized. Remember I said theory. I was able to get the desk for $70.00, I thought that it was a decent price for me to justify purchasing for my theory. Also with a little work it would also be an investment piece. It needed a little work, a new back, some sanding to get drawers to slide easier, some nailing and it had some pretty substantial puppy teething in two places on the bottom. Fairly easy fixes. It has some other issues like a bit of warping but these issues I really consider character traits of an old piece and really don't mind. I did all the repairs along with painting the bottom. The puppy chewing really need to be filled in and covered. I was inspired by a piece I saw locally. A brilliant furniture painter had combined this beautiful green with oak and it sent me swooning. I thought it really modernized the piece without compromising the beautiful oak. Old oak has so much pretty character and I felt this color was the perfect compliment. I painted it with homemade chalk paint, did a burnt umber rub and finished it off with a beeswax finish. I then lemon oiled the wood. I am totally in love with this piece and can't wait for it to organize my whole busniness. If only it worked that way. I will take a photo if it in it's home and post it tomorrow. 

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