Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Estate Sales, Upcycle, Dryer Balls

So when you are doing estate sales on a budget there are things you consider before buying. One thing I think about is how can I at least get what I spent back fairly quickly? What can I upcycle and maybe sell? What can I use for art projects? Or for the benefit of my family? Is there something we were going to need to buy anyway but I can get it used much cheaper? 
At a few estate sales this year I have acquired a lot of roving and wool yarn. While it is tempting to hoard it all this is not practical for a few reasons (we know what they are, no reason rehashing it ) I bought a few other things along with a huge lot of fiber and have been able to make half of what I spent back already. I of course plan to spin and knit much of it. It is some gorgeous stuff. Today though I thought of another way to earn some of the money back. I used some of the natural roving to make dryer balls. I read that for maximize benefit you need 4 to 8. So I am making 8 of them. They are in with a hot water towel load and then will go in with a hot water sheet load. I don't want to waste a load on just dryer balls. I have heard good things about them. They not only make your clothes dry faster, less wrinkled and smell nice with a touch of essential oils but the big thing is no more chemical laden clothes from a fabric softener. 
So these usually cost as much $8.00 a piece. So that is $64.00 plus no need to buy fabric sheets. So now I am ahead on that purchase. So now I get to hoard the rest with no guilt. :) kidding, kind of. 

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