Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Here again, now it is 2017

Happy 2017....
Yes I am still here and as always have so much to write about but never find the time or more like don't take the time.  So here I am going to try again.  Hopefully this is the year.  I have a lot of goals this year as always.  I hope to up my business game and have a goal of regular sales, I don't need to get rich but would like generate regular income from within the home since I can't work outside the house.  I have recently rearranged my home studio to be more comfortable and easy to work out of.  I am still working on cleaning it out and organizing but am so happy with the look and usableness of it.  I also converted a old camper into a mini gallery, she shed, fort, creative space, whatever is my fancy at the moment.  It truly makes me smile.  I did all the work myself and will be posting before and after photos and it's story of being remade.  I am also working on trying to clean out my whole house.  Some think I am a semi hoarder and there may be some truth to that.  I am working on it, truthfully it is a slow process though as I think it may have some emotional stuff tied to why I save things.  I am determined though, I want to remove the mental clutter.  I have a lot to post from the past, present and future so  Hopefully I can keep it up this time.  I hope you can find me and stick with my ramblings.  I shall be back soon.